Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien


Michael O'Brien






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«Iridium Lion»


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He is a generally quiet person who holds his friends close but when he does talk he is very articulate despite his now average grades. He can't stand by while others hurt but because of his trauma he can't perceive physical abuse, he has a good sense of humour and enjoys to be around people. Due to the repression of his trauma he does not know the reason why but he ignores the physical assault of others unless he himself is the target, although he will subconsciously try to avoid such circumstances.


Michael was born in England and is the youngest of 4 sons, his brothers Daniel, Jamie and Mark where 9, 5 and 4 years older than him respectively. He has always been detested by his brother Mark who hates Michael for being born and had since done anything he could to inflict pain on him, his second eldest brother jamie took an intrest in him, and protected him when he could, his eldest brother had been close to mark, and the two shared a love of football. When he was four his brother had been bulling him, and blamed him for starting it but later that night he was watching his brother as he was breaking things to blame on him when he stuffed a fork into a plug socket, he went flying across the kitchen before he burst into tear and it strook him, the strong still have some weaknesses. When Michael was 5 he witnessed his mother being beaten by his father who came home drunk and was let into the house by Mark. This event scared him, he was powerless to protect her and has seen himself as worthless and unimportant ever since. After that event Michael his mother and his brothers all moved to Japan for a fresh start. On his next birthday Michaels brother destroyed the house demanding that he be given the party, in the end for every birthday any of them had mark received presents along with them in order to protect the peace. Once Michael joined the local school he did not talk to anyone, he just worked and quickly became one of the top in his classes, despite this his teachers where worried and proceeded to involve him in group activities. Since then Michael felt he could live anyway he felt which would make his life as carefree as possible, by flying below the radar. he could take charge and lead those who can't lead themselves become a leader to offer direction in exchange for the increase group strengths. A few years later Michael came across a cat in an alleyway, she was black and white and malnourished, he cared for her until she was well and proceeded to look for her owners, but was unable to find them, he proceeded to call her Jess and has found purpose in his life with the fact he saved hers, she will always be dear to him, a shining light showing that maybe he can amount to something.

Once he joined junior high school he found out his friend had moved away, and he was yet again alone, but he didn't mind, he still had a network elsewhere in japan, it just wasn't at this school. He proceeded through the years his grades diminishing as he got into virtual reality gaming. When he was 16 he meet a boy who was the school idol, he offered to help him with his studies which Michael accepted. When they where done studying they decided to play a game together, in which despite how hard he tried Michael couldn't get a point past him, even when he thought it was impossible to avoid. When they where done the boy asked Michael if he wanted to joins different game, when Michael accepted the boy passed him a meter long cable, and proceeded to plug one end into his Neuro link, Michael did the same though feeling a little uncomfortable and was sent the program. Once it was done the boy got up and left, not saying a word leaving Michael sitting alone being given dirty looks by all the girls around him, he left and went home. That night he watched a documentary on lions throughout it all he simply thought, *they have the right idea* he has always loved lions since he discovered the O'Brien coat of arms he thought of this before he fell asleep midway through the documentary, he had a dream the night that scared him replayed before him, he reached out crying "stop! Leave her alone" he screamed in his 5 year old voice he could only cry thinking how useless he was, then another image flashed by, his cat he saved her life. "Let me Lead them all, the largest pride, giving me the strength to protect everyone" he shouted out now his present voice echoed through the dream "is that your wish?" He heard ask back and he nodded into the darkness "yes" he confirmed before he proceeded to dream.

Michael has never been able to confront his father or talk about the incident with his mother, he repressed the memoroies of his mothers being beaten science the event but he subconsciously refuses to acknowledge physical abuse, rather building a group to call on to stop the abuse before it commences.

Iridium LionEdit

Iridium Lion

Iridium Lion

Killer Moves:

«Iridium Casing»

Other Skills:

«Iridium Claw»

Passive Skills:

«Lion's Figure»