Ryoka Buronzu(literally,Ryoka Bronze)is a level 7 Burst Linker by the name of Bronze Wolf


Ryoka is a 17 year old girl of a moderate stature.Her hair color is shown to be bronze colored,which fits with her avatar.Her Local Area Network avatar is a bronze colored werewolf cub with green eyes.Bronze Wolf is vaguely based off of a werewolf.This avatar is very skinny and is often refered to as skrawny.She has wolf ears that are perked up alot.Her arms are shown to actually be somewhat long and ending in a clawed hand.After merging with one of the Four Burst Gods,Golden Werewolf,she becomes Gold Wolf,a gold version of Bronze Wolf


Sweeping Blade Tail-Her tail sweeps towards the target as a blade,not very damaging,useless against Silver Crow

Hyper Claws-Her claws turn into Hyper Diamond and have the*r attack raised by 20

Super Bite-Ryoka bites the target,it's effects are unknown as she was unable to preform this move

Overdrive:Black Mode-Unknown

Overdrive:Silver Mode-Becomes immune to cuttong

Golden Star Strike(As Gold Wolf)-Gold Wolf's killer move,Gold colored stars appear and fly at target