Una Crean
Una Crean- Jewel Medic


Una Crean






168 cm


59 Kg


«Geraldine Dove»




«Jewel Medic»


Michael O'Brien


Una is neurotic in that she is anxious and worries more than most, she is open to the world around her willing to try a lot of different things and she is sincere in what she says when she does speak. She is Kind in that she would rather remain quite than upset sombody and is willing to be there for people, but she is very Quiet and generally reserved keeping to herself while obsessing over her trauma silently.


Una's Birth had complications, she had to be taken out via C-section through such complications her mother died shortly after, from that moment she received the name Una meaning One from her father and had a Neuro linker fitted to monitor development. Her first 3 years where around her cousins and she was really close to Michael, who moved away shortly after her third birthday. She can't remember much but she knows she felt differently back then, like she had something to lose, but her father took another wife, she had two children of her own, both boys one a year older than her and the other four years older. She never connected to them, but when her father was diagnosed with cancer when she was 10 her heart felt heavy like she knew. It wasn't until two years later that she found out, why she felt weird about her fogged memories of when she was 3 she was there that day with Michael, she witnessed the abuse, the pain she wanted it to go away, and now she wanted her fathers pain and hurt to go away as we'll she couldn't lose this feeling of guilt, like she should have done something and should be doing something but she didn't know what and she couldn't leave the thought alone she was obsessed.

When she was 14 her father passed and she moved to live with her Aunt in Japan, she could not speak the language but her Neuro linker would help a lot she thought. When she arrived she meet Michael again and for som reason she felt happy unbelievably happy and it hurt, why should she feel this way when the people she loves hurt, she should do something. After a few weeks of playing many kinds of games with Michael he proposed more skill based games for her to try as if he was building up her skill for something. After joining her new school she got into playing skill based games on the local network reaching quite high on all the high scores but never coming first, one name was always higher, until a new game came out on it, in which she managed to beat her. As soon as she left the network she was there in her class, she was an upperclassmen and when she realised her lack of skill with the Japanese language she messaged her in English instead and asked if she wanted to play an interesting game, after she said yes she sent her the invitation for the game, which successfully installed, when she left he sent a message saying 'sorry for the dream'. That night she slept quite early and dreamt about her Aunt and her father, people she desperately wanted to heal, she was desperate to be able to heal the wounds of people she loved, to spare them the pain and anguish. "Let me heal them" she cried before receiving a reply "is that your wish?" She seemed surprised by such a remark "O-of course it is. Yes I mean yes it is" she struggled to reply before returning to her dreams.

Jewel MedicEdit

Jewel Medic

Jewel Medic

Killer Moves:

«Jewel of Life»

Other Skills:

«Jewel Hammer»